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European Butterflies Group does not plan or run events itself but rather encourages individuals and organisations to plan trips and conferences that are beneficial to the aims of the European Butterflies Group.

Trips shown below are therefore not "holidays" but have some element of lepidoptera conservation or research work.


Trip reports are published in the regular European Butterflies Group newsletters.

Forthcoming Trips are advertised through the regular European Butterflies Group newsletters. Please contact European Butterflies Group should you wish to promote a Trip on this page.


2021 ~ EBG AGM

Date to be advised.

2020 ~ EBG AGM

The papers and proceedings from the AGM held on 10th April 2021 by Zoom Videoconference may be downloaded below -
2019 ~ EBG AGM

The papers and proceedings from the AGM held on 12th December 2019 may be downloaded below -
2018 ~ EBG AGM

The papers and proceedings from the AGM held on 1st December 2018 may be downloaded below -
2016 ~ EIG AGM

The papers and proceedings from the AGM held on Saturday 29th October 2016 may be downloaded below -
2015 ~ EIG AGM

The papers and proceedings from the AGM held on Saturday 28th November 2015 may be downloaded below -
2014 ~ EIG AGM

The papers and proceedings from the AGM held on Saturday 25th October 2014 may be downloaded below -

Please contact European Butterflies Group if you would like the European Butterflies Group website to show any forthcoming conferences here.

International Symposium: Future of Butterflies in Europe V - 8th & 9th April 2021

You can watch the presentations from the Dutch Butterfly Conservation (De Vlinderstichting) 5th international online symposium on the Future of Butterflies in Europe, on YouTube here: https://www.vlinderstichting.nl/futureofbutterflies/programme

International Symposium: Future 4 Butterflies in Europe

Papers from the Dutch Butterfly Conservation (De Vlinderstichting) 4th international symposium on the Future of Butterflies in Europe (held 31st March - April 2nd 2016) can be found here)

XXII European Congress of Lepidopterology 6th - 11th June 2022 in Estonia

The XXII Congress of the Societas Europaea Lepidopterologica (SEL) which was programmed for the 31st May to the 5th June 2021, is now planned for the 6th - 11th June 2022, in the Estonian village of Laulasmaa, situated on the Baltic coast.
You can find information on the congress website: https://sel2021.ut.ee/ more details will be made available nearer the date.

XXI European Congress of Lepidopterology, 3rd  - 7th June 2019

The Council of the Societas Europaea Ledipopterologica (SEL) and the University of Molise (Campobasso, Italy) held the XXI European Congress of Lepidopterology, from Monday 3 June to Friday 7 June 2019, University of Molise (Campobasso, Italy).

The book of abstracts from the conference can be downloaded here:

20th European Congress of Lepidopterology, 24th - 30th April 2017, Podgora, Croatia

The book of abstracts from the conference can be downloaded here:

2013 ~ International conference European Butterflies Group & Jardin des Papillons Proserpine

In June 2013, the European Butterflies Group and Jardin des Papillons Proserpine held an International Conference in Digne Les Bains (France). Entitled 'The butterflies of France and the state of knowledge with a perspective of conservation', the conference was extremely successful. See here for the presentations: http://proserpine.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/Actes_Colloque-Papillons_Digne2013.pdf  

Marsh European Lepidoptera Award

The Awards are the creation of Brian Marsh, chairman of the Marsh Christian Trust, who wanted to support areas such as conservation and volunteering. The Marsh European Lepidoptera Award was presented for the first time in 2009.
The scheme is run in partnership with Butterfly Conservation, and the European Butterflies Group committee, the Award aims to recognise the efforts of those whose work has had a major and positive impact on butterfly and moth conservation within Europe.

European Marsh Award 2019 to Ole Karsholt

Ole Karsholt is one of Europe’s pre-eminent Lepidopterists, in particular focussing on the micro-lepidoptera. He is an Emeritus staff member of the Natural History Museum of Denmark. Over the years he has produced many papers on European micro-lepidoptera in a wide range of publications, often in collaboration with others, publishing over a 45 year period. These papers have included several revisions of individual genera, a number with the description of new species.  Ole’s academic record sets him out as one of today’s leading research lepidopterists.

See here:

Previous recipients of the Marsh European Lepidoptera Award:

2018 Professor Constanti Stefanescu
2017 Professor László Rákosy
2016 Rudi Verovnik
2015 Miguel Lopez Munguria
2014 Chris Van Swaay
2013 Professor Ilkka Hanski
2012 Christer Wiklund
2011 Tristan Lafranchis
2010 Lazaros Pamperis
2009 Dr Otakar Kudrna

Photographic Competition!

The photo competition that we have run for quite a few years now continues to attract plenty of entries and the Calendar continues to be popular - all copies of recent calendars were sold. A big thank you to all who submit photographs.

Anne Spencer is organising another competition for the 2022 European Butterflies Group Calendar and requests entries by September 1st 2021.

Please do not send more than 3 photos per individual. Photos should of course be sharp. They should also be JPEG files only, with a minimum of 1500 pixels on the long edge. We would like a bit of information about the butterflies – English and scientific names, where/when they were photographed, and any other relevant information.

Please send photographs to Anne Spencer rhoslan.anne@gmail.com by September 1st 2021.  We often have a use for butterfly photos for our European Butterflies Group website and we would like members who submit photographs to give us permission to use them for European Butterflies Group activities.

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