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We are delighted that a growing number of wildlife tour companies offer specialised butterfly watching holidays in Europe. As the European Butterflies Group, we are obviously keen to encourage this and many of our members and others are interested to go on such trips. We now offer a regularly updated FREE advert on the European Butterflies Group website for each of the companies offering such butterfly tours in Europe.

Two types of trips are offered: fixed date departures - where the group size, itinerary, duration and dates are pre-arranged by the company - and tailor-made departures - where you decide these details to suit.

Such holidays are not only great fun, but encourage interest in butterflies, provide valuable identification training and also often produce some very interesting records. We encourage all tour companies undertaking such butterfly tours to submit their records to the appropriate National/Local Butterfly Recording scheme in each country. Some companies, notably Naturetrek and Greenwings, use these holidays to raise funds and then make a welcome donation to support Butterfly Conservation.

We are keen to make this listing as comprehensive as possible. Many companies offering butterfly holidays in Europe are included but we are aware that the list is not complete. Please contact me at European Butterflies Group if you offer such holidays and would like your advert to be considered.  We reserve the right to not advertise or withdraw any advertisements at our discretion.

Martin Davies

Disclaimer: Please note that the information shown below comprises advertisements by the travel companies concerned. Each of these companies is separately and solely responsible for delivering the travel services they offer. Butterfly Conservation and European Butterflies Group are not travel operators and can neither warrant nor endorse in any way the information, services or products listed here. The information is provided solely as a resource for European Butterflies Group members and others to use at their own discretion.

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Jude Lock is the European Butterflies Group representative in France. She is particularly involved at a local level with recording schemes for the Butterfly Atlas of the Occitanie and the Parc National des Pyrenees.

Jude offers guided butterfly days throughout the summer months:
My local area in the central French Pyrenees is a paradise for butterflies with many rare and very localised species.  I am based in the historic village of Luz Saint Sauveur, which is also my home.
I hope that my local knowledge, information on wildlife hot spots and specialist butterfly information will greatly enhance your holiday.

The Pyrenees remain one of Europe’s last great unspoiled areas and are a paradise for nature lovers. There is an astounding richness of butterflies, flowers, and birds, with many exceptional local sites to enjoy, including the magnificent Cirque de Gavarnie (a World Heritage Site).  
My partner and myself run Borderline Holidays, we have been offering holidays in the French Pyrenees since 1987, when we moved to the village of Barèges.

Please contact me personally – I am always happy to answer your questions. lock.jude@gmail.com Tel: +33 562 926 895

Visit our website www.borderlinehols.com for details of accommodation options, and take a look at our butterfly and flower galleries.

Travel with the British-Bulgarian Society, organisers of special interest tours to Bulgaria for nearly 40 years, and their expert, enthusiastic and experienced leaders. B-BS has been running butterfly (and moth) tours annually since 2002.

Planned butterfly tours for 2020 (prices include flights):

    *   24th April –3rd May. SPRING BUTTERFLIES & MOTHS TOUR. Price: £1,250.
        This 10-day tour will take place in the spectacular mountain scenery of SW Bulgaria and northern Greece.

    *   5th – 17th June. EARLY SUMMER BUTTERFLIES AND FLOWERS. Price: £1,490.
        This 13 day tour we will take place in some of the beautiful and unspoilt areas of SE Bulgaria visiting Strandzha and both the         Eastern and Western Rhodopi mountains.

    *   5th – 17th July. MIDSUMMER BUTTERFLIES & MOTHS. Price: £1,490.  SOLD OUT
This 13 day tour will be primarily in the high mountainous regions of SW Bulgaria where we expect to see large number of different species at a wide range of altitudes.

In late April and early May target species include Southern Festoon, Gruner’s Orange-tip, Eastern Greenish Black-tip, Krueper’s Small White, Eastern Wood White, Grecian Copper, Little Tiger Blue, Chequered Blue, Eastern Baton Blue, Camberwell Beauty, Southern Comma and Inky Skipper. In June the target species include Eastern Festoon, Krueper’s Small White, Small Bath White, Grecian Copper, Little Tiger Blue, Blue Argus, Eastern Knapweed Fritillary, Assmann’s Fritillary, Large Chequered Skipper and Oriental Marbled Skipper. We run moth traps on all these tours.

Full details can be found on the tours page on our website at: www.b-bs.org.uk. Tours are ATOL protected and IATA accredited.
B-BS can also provide and help plan a tour with an experienced leader for a private group according to your own specifications.

Greenwings are experts in organising butterfly & moth watching holidays. We pride ourselves on working with the best guides and local experts (including Tristan Lafranchis, Richard Lewington, Martin Warren, Patrick Barkham, Simon Spencer and Roger Gibbons) to ensure guests receive the finest information and enjoy a fulfilling holiday.

Some of our tours are designed for specific target species, rarities and endemics whereas others are more about surveying and enjoying an area and as large a variety of good habitat and butterflies as possible. It is not uncommon to encounter 100 -130+ butterfly species during one of our European trips, without the need to rush or travel too far.

We are conservationists at heart, so are corporate members of Butterfly Conservation and donate 10% of profits from Lepidoptera holidays to them. By joining a Greenwings holiday you are also helping support the conservation of butterflies, moths and their environments!

2020 Programme and Dates:

  • False Apollo & Spring Butterflies in Greece with Martin Warren (6th – 13th April) FULL
  • Butterflies and Botany of the Eastern French Pyrenees (17th – 24th May)
  • Butterflies of Morocco with Simon Spencer & David Moore (30th May – 6th June) FULL
  • Butterflies & Birds of North Greece (6th – 13th June) FULL
  • Norfolk Swallowtails with Patrick Barkham (12th – 15th June) FULL
  • Butterflies of Southern Greece (17th – 24th June)
  • La Brenne at Leisure (17th – 24th June)
  • Butterflies of the Italian Alps with Martin Warren & David Moore (18th – 25th June) FULL
  • Butterflies of Slovenia (20th – 27th June)
  • The Vercors with Richard Lewington (25th June – 2nd July)
  • Butterflies and Flowers of Bulgaria (25th June – 3rd July)
  • Butterflies of the French Alps 'Mercantour National Park' (26th June – 3rd July)
  • Butterflies of the Picos de Europa with Patrick Barkham (29th June – 6th July) FULL
  • Butterflies & Flowers of the Dolomites (3rd – 10th July)
  • Butterflies & Moths of the French Alps 'Mercantour' & 'Queyras' (4th – 11th July)
  • Butterflies & Botany of the Kaçkars in Turkey with Simon Spencer (11th – 20th July)
  • Butterflies of Montes Universales in Spain with David Moore (30th July – 5th Aug)
2021 Advance Programme and Dates where known:

  • False Apollo & Spring Butterflies in Greece with Martin Warren (5th – 12th April 2021)
  • South Spain in Spring: Butterflies & Orchids with David Moore & Jon Dunn (April 2021 TBA)
  • Butterflies & Flowers of Romania with Simon Spencer (May 2021 TBA)
  • Butterflies & Botany of the Eastern French Pyrenees with David Moore (16th – 23rd May)
  • Butterflies of Morocco with David Moore (29th May – 5th June)
  • Butterflies and Birds of North Greece (5th – 12th June 2021)
  • Norfolk Swallowtails with Patrick Barkham (11th – 14th June)
  • La Brenne at Leisure (16th – 23rd June)
  • Butterflies of the Italian Alps with Martin Warren & David Moore (17th – 24th June)
  • Butterflies of Southern Greece (19th – 26th June)
  • Butterflies of Slovenia (19th – 26th June)
  • The Vercors with Richard Lewington (24th June – 1st July)
  • Butterflies and Flowers of Bulgaria (24th June – 2nd July)
  • Butterflies of the French Alps 'Mercantour National Park' (26th June – 3rd July)
  • Butterflies of the Picos de Europa with Patrick Barkham (28th June – 5th July)
  • Butterflies of Cyprus (July TBA)
  • Butterflies & Flowers of the Dolomites (2nd – 9th July)
  • Butterflies & Moths of the French Alps 'Mercantour' & 'Queyras' (3rd – 10th July)
  • Butterflies & Botany of the Kaçkars in Turkey (10th – 19th July)
  • Butterflies of Western Turkey (July TBA)
  • Butterflies of Montes Universales in Spain with David Moore (29th July – 4th Aug)
  • Butterflies of Switzerland with Simon Spencer & David Moore (July 2021 TBA)
Email:enquiries@greenwings.co.uk; Telephone: 01473 254658.
View all our holidays here

Limosa Holidays has 35 years of experience of organizing expert-led birdwatching and wildlife tours to more than 100 destinations worldwide.

Many of our tours to Europe give great opportunities for butterfly watching, but on the following 2020 and 2021 trips this will be a special feature:

  • Italy – Eastern Sicily in Spring. (23rd – 30th April 2020) FULL. Excellent birding and some wonderful early spring butterflies and orchids.  (2021 dates not yet available).
  • Spain – Spanish Pyrenees (2nd - 9th June 2020). Limited spaces available. Based in Jaca, a truly spectacular setting for great birding and up to 75 species of butterfly are also possible, including Cleopatra, Spanish Fritillary and Spanish Gatekeeper. (2021 dates not yet available).
  • Hungary – birds, butterflies and dragons (4th – 11th June 2020) FULL. 8-days birdwatching and natural history tour in Kiskunság National Park, one of Europe’s most important wild areas. (2021 dates – not yet available).
  • Italy – Alps and Apennines – birds and butterflies (4th – 11th June 2020). Available. A two-centre tour -Stelvio National Park combined with Lombardy and the Apennine foothills. A host of wonderful butterflies are on the agenda. (2021 dates – not yet available).
  • Switzerland – Swiss Alps in summer (14th – 21st June 2020) FULL; (5th – 12th July 2020) FULL. Few countries are as beautiful as Switzerland and up to 100 species of butterfly are possible in the best years! (2021 dates – not yet available).
  • France – French Pyrenees in summer (17th – 24th June 2020) FULL. A birdwatching and butterflies tour, centred on the glorious Gavarnie Valley. (2021 dates – not yet available).
  • Spain – Cantabrian Mountains (2nd – 9th Sept 2020). Available. Wolves, Bears, Wildcats, Wallcreepers and autumn butterflies. (2021 dates – not yet available).

  • 2021 departures:

  • Italy – Eastern Sicily in Spring (Thu 22-Thu 29 Apr 2021) Available.
  • Bulgaria - Rhodope Mountains & Black Sea (Sun 9th - Tue 18th May 2021). Available. 50 species of butterfly seen including good variety of eastern European species - Eastern Festoon, Eastern Baton Blue and Eastern Short-tailed Blue. A great birding destination too.
  • Hungary – birds, butterflies and dragons (Thu 10-Thu 17 Jun 2021) Available.
  • Switzerland – Swiss Alps in Summer (Sun 20-Sun 27 Jun 2021) Available.

  • You can click here to visit our website, or here to email us or call us on 01692 580623. Note that some of our 2020 tours are already full. Check out our 2021 dates.

    Naturetrek   - Butterfly Holidays in support of Butterfly Conservation

    The following special selection of European butterfly tours, guided by expert butterfly enthusiasts, has been designed to allow you to enjoy and learn about butterflies in the company of fellow enthusiasts. As a top-category ‘Gold’ corporate sponsor of Butterfly Conservation, Naturetrek annually donates around £1,500 to the charity. As well as this, since 2002 the company has donated 10% of all income generated by an annual programme of Butterfly Tours that it runs in partnership with BC, bringing the total we have raised since 2002 to £228,920. Holidays will focus on butterflies and their habitats, moths (many of our tours feature moth-trapping at night) and to a lesser extent other natural history. All travel arrangements are made by Naturetrek.   

    Calendar of 2020 and 2021 European Butterfly Holidays (please note that some of our tours for 2020 are already full):

    • Butterflies of Vercors (10th – 17th May 2020) (16th – 23rd May 2021). By train.
    • Butterflies of Vercors (17th – 24th May 2020) (24th – 30th May 2021). By plane.
    • Butterflies of Croatia (1st – 8th June 2020)
    • Wild Slovenia (2nd – 9th June 2020)
    • Italy's Sibillini Mountains (3rd – 10th June 2020)
    • Wildlife Festival in the French Pyrenees (3rd – 10th June 2020) (10th – 17th June 2020)
    • Wildlife of Delphi - Mount Parnassos & Mount Oiti (6th – 13th June 2020) (6th – 12th June 2021)
    • Wild Spain - La Montaña Palentina (4th – 11th June 2020) (3rd – 10th June 2021)
    • Butterflies of Hungary (9th – 16th June 2020) (15th – 22nd June 2021)
    • Butterflies of Southern Greece (13th – 20th June 2020) (12th – 19th June 2021)
    • Butterflies and Moths of Andalucía (15th – 19th June 2020) (13th – 17th June 2021)
    • Butterflies and Birds of Macedonia (17th – 24th June 2020) (16th – 23rd June 2021)
    • Butterflies of the Cévennes (18th – 25nd June 2020) (17th – 24th June 2021)
    • Butterflies of Spain’s Picos de Europa (18th – 25th June 2020); (17th – 24th June 2021)
    • Armenia - Butterflies of the Caucasus (20th – 27th June 2020) (19th – 26th June 2021)
    • Sweden’s Butterflies and Dragonflies (22nd – 27th June 2020) (21st – 26th June 2021)
    • Poland’s Butterflies and Dragonflies (24th June – 1st July 2020)
    • France – Butterflies of La Brenne (25th June – 30th June 2020) (30th June – 4th July 2020)
    • Romania’s Butterflies and Moths (27th June – 5th July 2020)
    • Butterflies of the Swiss Alps (28th June – 5th July 2020)
    • Italian & French Alps (30th June – 7th July 2020)
    • Slovenia (30th June – 7th July 2020)
    • Butterflies and Moths of the Spanish Pyrenees (1st – 8th July 2020)
    • France – Butterflies in Normandy (1st – 5th July 2020) (7th – 11th July 2021)
    • Butterflies of the French Pyrenees (3rd – 10th July 2020)
    • Wild Asturias (3rd – 10th July 2020) (4th – 11th July 2021)
    • Butterflies of the Swiss Alps (4th – 11th July 2021)
    • Butterflies of Spain's Montaña Palentina (6th – 13th July 2020) (6th – 12th July 2021)
    • Butterflies of the Italian Dolomites (8th– 15th July 2020); (7th – 14th July 2021)
    • France – Vercors in Summer (8th – 15th July 2020) (7th – 14th July 2021)
    • Belgium in Summer (13th – 17th July 2020)
    • France – Butterflies and Moths of the Vercors (15th – 22nd July 2020) (14th – 21st July 2021)
    Call us now on 01962 733051 or visit: www.naturetrek.co.uk for a detailed Trip Itinerary for any of these tours.

    Neophron Tours offers a variety of birdwatching and other wildlife and natural history tours in Bulgaria, Greece and Romania, including butterfly and dragonfly tours, botanical tours, Brown Bear and Wolf viewing, wildlife photography tours and mountain hiking. Nature tours can always be combined with visiting landmarks and places of interest included in the UNESCO list of the world cultural and natural heritage sites.

    For 2020, we offer the following special tours focussed on butterflies:

  • 9-day wildlife holiday to Bulgaria’s south-western mountain ranges (Rila and Pirin National Parks, the Struma Valley and Slavyanka Mountain) in search of some the most desirable species of butterflies on the Balkan peninsula (best time: mid June to mid August). Please click here for more details  http://neophrontours.bg/tour/butterfly-tour/

  • 13-day wildlife holiday combining a tour of Bulgaria’s south-western mountain ranges (Rila and Pirin National Parks and the Struma Valley) and the Western and Eastern Rhodope Mountains with a visit to Lake Kerkini in northern Greece (best time: mid May to mid August). Please click here for more details: http://neophrontours.bg/tour/mountain-birds-flowers-and-butterflies/
    Neophron Tours, P.O.Box 90, BG-9000 Varna, Bulgaria
    tel/fax +359 52 605 155 ; mobile +359 888 420 159
    Email: neophrontours@gmail.com; inquiries@neophron.com
    Web: www.neophrontours.bg

    Pandion Wild Tours is a Bulgarian company specialized in offering wildlife and nature holiday tours in Bulgaria and the Balkan Peninsula. Bulgaria is one of the richest for butterflies among all European countries outside the Mediterranean zone. With some 218 species recorded, you can expect a lot of rarities and plenty of interesting species.

    For the 2020 season, we are offering three butterfly watching holidays:

    BULGARIA (6th – 14th JUNE 2020)
    Key Species: White-banded Grayling, Freyer's Grayling, Eastern Rock Grayling
    Balkan Marbled White , Little Tiger Blue, Powdered Brimstone , Russian Heath, Balkan Heath, Oriental Marbled Skipper, Inky Skipper, Mountain Apollo, Balkan Fritillary, Ottoman Brassy Ringlet, Balkan Copper.

    (4th – 11th JULY 2020)
    Key Species: Balkan Copper, Grecian Copper, Freyer's Purple Emperor, Twin Spot Fritillary , Lesser Spotted Fritillary, Almond-eyed Ringlet, Black Ringlet, Lattice Brown,  Lesser Bath White, False Eros Blue, Ripart's Anomalous Blue, Eastern Large Heath.

    BULGARIA - Butterflies of North Black Sea Coast and Dobrudzha area
    (17th–26th July 2020)
    Key Species: Sandy Grizzled Skipper , Zephyr Blue, Nickerl’s Fritillary, Lesser Purple Emperor, Iolas Blue, Scarce Fritillary, Clouded Apollo, Yellow-banded Skipper,  Scarce Tortoiseshell,  Lesser Fiery Copper, Common Glider, Clouded Apollo,  Balkan Copper, Eastern Short-tailed Blue, Alcon Blue, Russian Heath, Freyer’s Purple Emperor, Freyer’s Fritillary, False Heath Fritillary, False Grayling.

    Contact us or visit our website for more details:  Petar Dilchev, Pandion Wild Tours, Blvd.Cherni Vrah 20A, Sofia, Bulgaria. Tel: +359 2 9630436     http://www.birdwatchingholidays.com/ ; http://www.pelican-birding-lodge.com/en/

    For more than 30 years The Travelling Naturalist has been taking small groups around the world in search of wildlife. We offer specialist birdwatching holidays, mammal watching holidays, whale and dolphin watching holidays, flora holidays, nature photography tours and in 2019 the following butterfly, dragonfly and moth watching tours:

    France – Birds, Butterflies & Wildflowers of the Dordogne
    (13th – 20th June 2020) (12th – 19th June 2021)
    The Dordogne and Vezérè valleys in south-west France have been called ‘an Exotic England, steeped in prehistory’. This trip concentrates on the superb range of butterflies, birds and wildflowers to be found in this beautiful region.. 8-day trip, accompanied by two leading experts David Simpson and Corine Oosterlee. Price from £1,675 - £1,745 including international flights.

    Sweden – Butterflies & Dragonflies in Summer
    (22nd – 28th June 2020) (21st – 27th June 2021)
    Around 85 of Sweden’s 120 butterfly species can be seen in central Sweden, along with an internationally interesting combination of dragonflies and damselflies (though not all at the same time)!  7-day trip led by Daniel Green.  Price from £2,275 - £2,375 including international flights.

    Poland – Butterflies and Moths of Southern Poland
    (12th – 20th July 2020) (11th – 19th July 2021)
    This tour focusses on the rich diversity of butterflies, dragonflies and moths which thrive in the scenic mountainous region surrounding Krakow. We expect to see around 90 species of butterfly, including Large Blue, Violet Copper, Large Chequered Skipper, Large Tortoiseshell as well as the rare Apollo and the beautiful Pallas’s fritillary. 9-day trip led by Andrzej Petryna. Price from £1,725 - £1,795 including international flights.

    Bulgaria – Butterflies & Birds of Bulgaria
    (18th – 26th June 2020) (17th – 25th June 2021)
    The mountainous southwest and southeast of Bulgaria are filled with some of the richest variety of butterfly species found within Europe. Our tour provides a chance to search for exciting rarities and endemics that include Frivaldsky’s white-banded grayling and Higgin’s anomalous blue, as well as offering brilliant viewing of birds of prey. 9-day trip led by Stoyan Beshkov and Assen Ignatov. Price from £1,245 - £1,295 including international flights.

    Check out our website for further details of these and all our wider programme of tours
    www.thetravellingnaturalist.com or email us on sales@thetravellingnaturalist.com or phone us on 01305 267994.

    Since 1988 Wildlife Travel has organised natural history and wildlife holidays to support nature conservation. Our profits are donated to the Wildlife Trusts. Our holidays are aimed at those who enjoy wildlife at a relaxed pace, with comfortable travel, good company and expert leaders.

    From Mull and the Isles of Scilly to Ecuador, Costa Rica and Australia, the Alps to the Carpathians and the Danube Delta, travel with us to some of the finest wildlife destinations and support nature conservation along the way.

    Butterflies are among the attractions on many of our tours, which include a wide range of destinations in Europe.

    For more details of all our holidays, please visit our website: www.wildlife-travel.co.uk

    Wild Echo (formerly Spatia Wildlife) is a special interest wildlife tours and photography company based in Bulgaria but also offers tours in neighbouring Balkan countries, Turkey, the Caucasus, the Middle East and North Africa.

    For the 2020 season, we offer the following butterfly tours:

    •    Jordan’s Butterflies and Culture (24th March - 4th April).
    Unusual Middle East butterfly species in stunning landscapes.

    •    False Apollo (6th - 13th April).
    The very first spring butterflies in Northern Greece
    •    Early Butterflies - in Bulgaria and Greece (20th April – 2nd May).
    The early spring butterflies.

    •    The Butterflies of Morocco (6th - 18th May).
    Wide range of habitats, from mountains to desert. Moroccan endemic species.

    •    The Butterflies and Beauty of Armenia (23rd May – 5th June).
    A fascinating mixture of European and Near East butterfly species.

    •    Scarce Butterflies  - in Bulgaria (9th – 20th June)
    Some of the rarest butterflies in Bulgaria.

    •    Butterflies of the West Balkan (9th – 20th June)
    Beautiful Stara Planina Mountains along the border between Bulgaria and Serbia.

    •    Butterflies of Poland (23rd June – 5th July).
    A unique mixture of Middle and Northern European butterfly species.

    •    Butterflies of the Balkans - Bulgaria, Macedonia and Greece (7th – 21st July)
    Some of the prime butterfly habitats on the Balkan Peninsula.

    •    Butterflies of Turkey (8th – 22nd July)
    Central, eastern Mediterranean and NE in search of local speciality butterflies.

    •    Jewels of Macedonia (1st – 9th August)
    Looking for very local endemic butterflies.

    For further details, please visit our website: www.wildechotours.com
    Wild Echo, Pozitano street, bl. 76, entr. 2, ap. 44, Razsadnika, Sofia 1309, Bulgaria
    E-mail: info@wildechotours.com  Tel: +359 899 666167;

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